Crisis Intervention – Suicide/Tramatic Events

There are times that each one of us faces challenges that seem to overwhelm us.  It is so hard to understand what a person is going through unless we get involved with their life, personally, professionally, spiritually, and emotionally.  In most cases we are so caught up in our own lives and the world of technology that we allow life to really pass us by.

The person that is facing the act of suicide can never image the pain, the questions, and the depth of the hurt that will be created.  I know that the person considering suicide is only thinking of the unimaginable pain that they are experiencing by personal experience.  My father an alcoholic and addicted to pain medicine took his own life when I was twelve years old.  The main thing is that he made me watch him because he was afraid of dying by himself.  I understand the pain that one feels.  It is horrible and all they want is for it to go away and to have some relief.

Suicide is a very tragic way to lose a loved one, a friend or even a foe.   For instance when someone takes their life it is critical to understand that they are not in any way thinking clearly. The person doesn’t see the whole picture in life and the direct impact that it is going to be felt and to the depths of pain that will be created.