Counseling Services

Premarital Counseling:  Premarital counseling is a great way to start a life of learning about each other.  This process will take a look at several different areas of each person providing areas of strengths and growth potential.  This will look at each persons view of communication, conflict resolution, finances, partner style and relationships, roles and relationships, leisure and activities, sexual relationship, and spiritual relationship.  Each area allows each person to express their true feelings and how they will even discipline the children.  This is a great opportunity to discuss background issues the parents experienced and even some of the mistakes they made and opportunities to improve.

Communication: Communication is a major downfall many people make in their daily life as well as in their personal relationships.  So many husbands and wives experience yelling and even grew up with it and believe it is a normal way of communicating.  In fact one of the techniques I use takes us back to the beginning.  I have one of them express what they are feeling and then when they finish their thoughts I have the spouse/significant other express what they heard before they can offer a rebuttal.

Conflict Resolution/Anger Management: Getting angry is not the issue and will never be a concern but how the person deals with that anger is vitally important.  Here the couple will discuss yelling instead of discussing, not walking away, but asking for a five minute break gives both people the chance to think about what might be the issue, and even consider their participation in the event.

Crisis Intervention:  Today people face so many challenges and when a person considers the option to take their own life the loved ones in their life have a chance to reach out for help.  Many people say things like "I wish I was dead," but they don't really mean it but when a person really considers the chance to take their own life when faced with depression, anxiety, alcohol or drug abuse it is time to contact someone.

There is also the challenge when an individual dies at work from a massive heart attach and several employees make a valiant effort to save their life with no success.  Each person that knows this individual or even just knows of them made need to express how they feel about the situation.  An event like this could impact a person to the point sinking them into a deep depression, impact them to where they have trouble sleeping, or the person may turn to alcohol or drugs for relief.  LHC helps this person work through the issue by learning how to move through it instead of staying in the moment.

Company or Individual Growth or Concerns:  Listening Heart Center works with individuals, couples, and even corporation pertaining to each of these issues.  From a company stand point if there are employees that have trouble sharing their knowledge they may have fear of being replaced.  When employees hesitate about sharing information it impacts productivity, when their is gossip or talking about someone behind their back negatively this impacts how the person feels about showing up for work and they will hesitate about working with other.  Regardless of what is taking place in an organization or a persons personal life each situation impacts all phases of their life.  Here at Listening Heart Center helps people communicate, reduces fear, removes negative talk and teaches them how to listen which is more important than talking.