Communication is a vital aspect of any relationship.  Communication involves tow parts: Listening and Talking.

Inside a conversation between two people there must be one person talking while the other listens.  Listening involves opening the mind and closing the mouth.  This also means that while a person is listening they must not be trying to develop a rebuttal.

Listen to the entire statement.

The listen must not respond until they have repeated what they understood was being said.

This prevents from any confusion.

If the information that is repeated is incorrect there must be additional clarification to better explain.

Then after there is a complete understanding the other person may take their turn talking.

There is no talking over each other because this adds the the anxiety, frustration and any anger that is present.

Sit down and talk to each other not at each other.


–All Communication involves choices, some of which people actively consider, and others that follow cultural norms and seem almost                 automatic.


Culture and Communication are intertwined. Ethnicity, Gender, Age, Social Class, Sexual Orientation, and other cultural features always affect communication and are affected by it.


–Some of the most important meanings people collaboratively create are identities.

All communicating involves negotiating identities, or selves


–The most influential communication events are conversation

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