Anger Management

Anger impacts each person in different ways.

Does Anger Control You or Do You Control Anger

        1.  When someone (boss, spouse, friend, stranger) makes a statement to you or towards you how do you respond.

  1. How do you respond back to a negative statement.
  1. Does the tone of their voice impact you as the recipient.
  1. In what way does it impact you.
  1. Anger Is A Common Emotion
  1. Most people encounter angry feelings of varying intensity everyday, many times a day.
  1. To respond to another person’s anger effectively, we need to take various factors into account.


Some thoughts that the family may be facing.  If your family is facing these challenges it may be time to seek out help.


  • Some people are not able to talk about anything without becoming angry.
  • They have a very low tolerance frustration and experience more emotional arousal than most people when they are frustrated.
  • They may not have learned how to express themselves.
  • They may be shy or afraid that others won’t like them or accept them, or will criticize them and think they are stupid.
  • Some family members learn not to talk about sensitive issues because such discussions lead to quarreling or a fight.
  • When you are punished or ridiculed when they tell the truth, they learn to make up stories or to tell others what they think they want to hear.
  • You perceive more life situations as annoying and anger producing.
  • They get angry more often than most people.
  • They are more likely to express verbal and physical aggression when provoked.
  • They have higher general anxiety, and make less effort at constructive coping.
  • Angry people describe their family environments as they were growing up as; significantly less cohesive, less emotional expressive, less tolerant of self-expression, and having more conflict and being more disorganized than those of less angry people.
  • In families where the expression of anger is a way of life, the children have a greater possibility of carrying that lifestyle into their dating, marriage and family relationships.