Lifes Journey Is Not What We Want But Where The Lord Leads Us

My heart has always been directed towards ministry in one way or another.  When the word ministry flows through my mind it is drawn towards Jesus and how he interacted with people, how he reached out to help others regardless of what they had done.  Jesus accepted anyone where they were and was willing to help them change, all we have to do is open our heart and let him and the Holy Spirit in.  I have always had a desire to work inside a funeral home and in hospice.  My mind had this vision of helping the family go through the emotional trials of losing a loved one and in the area of hospice I envisioned of helping a loved one cross from this life into the next one.

I have spent the last several years working with individuals and couples working through their issues as they struggle through this life.  I have been very blessed to work with individual’s facing the many struggles of drug or alcohol addiction, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, and grief to name just a few.

The last couple of years the Lord opened the door for me in the corporate world where I was needed to help organizations make changes moral and ethical changes.  What I noticed was when I joined a company the Lord would show me the areas where ethics was lacking and I was in the position to make changes.

I had finished my last position and was sitting around wondering what the Lord had for me when I thought my dream had come true.  I was offered a position in a funeral home and my heart was filled with joy as I just knew the Lord had answered a prayer placing me in a position to be of assistance for families.  Prior to this position I knew there would be some restrictions when it came to price quoting and actually making the arrangements since I am not a licensed funeral director.  My mind was flowing with thoughts as opportunities would be available.  I would have the opportunity to fill in as a minister when a family doesn’t have one or sitting with a family after the service bring some calmness to their life.

To my surprise my dream job has exploded in my face.  This is by far the worst employment I have ever experienced.  I would have never believed the terrible events and the lack of ethics that goes on behind the scenes.  However, I do have a couple of funeral directors that have the best moral and ethical standards and treat the lowest position with the same respect as the highest.  This does not hold true with the owners and a couple of others working inside the organization.  Any dream I had concerning about becoming a viable asset to the organization was destroyed as the wife will not have it and does what she can to keep me in line.  She disrespects several of us in the office making sure we are under her thumb.  Neither her nor her husband has any regard as to how they treat the majority of the staff as long as his two female stars are safe.

I continue asking the Lord what I am to learn from the experience and I eagerly wait for his answer.  Meanwhile the counseling is going great and I see improvement with the different families.