One of the most vital parts of any relationship whether personal or professional, spouse or leader is communication.  If a person is unable to listen they will be unable to discover what is creating the issues the relationship is facing. 

The best leader I ever met was a better follower.  

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Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution depends a lot on the persons ability to admit when they are wrong and the ability to research issues while building up others to discover what issues they may be facing.  The critical aspect is not to create a situation where others feel threatened and afraid to open up and discuss the breakdown that created the problem the relationship is experiencing.

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Anger Management

Anger is not a bad thing but depends on the response and how it is presented.

Anger is an emotion that people sometimes use to over power them and in an abusive relationship.  The products of anger in this situation is; pushing, yelling, threats, bullying, and even threats.  These are never an acceptable response in any type of relationship.

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Listening Heart Center

At LHC we are here for each person to help them become a person that feels that are contributing to society in a positive manner.  

We all struggle with our emotions, feelings, and attitude depending on many aspects of life.  We forget that sometimes when a person faces a challenge we have no idea what that person has experienced before they stood before us.  

Each person must be treated with respect, dignity, and with a helpful hand.  This does not mean we will agree with their stance or situation and in fact there are respectful ways to disagree or argue with an individual and you will learn that approach from LHC. 

To help provide financial support to the counseling center LHC Woodworking was created and provide custom furniture where all proceeds go directly to the counseling center.  The furniture and home décor can be seen on the Services and Portfolio Pages.